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European Steinway Revival

San Diego, Calif.

Meyer Renovation, located in the historic city of Kalisz, Poland, takes pride in transforming restored Steinway pianos into unparalleled masterpieces, each a testament to the harmony of history and modernity, artistry and melody, visual and auditory delight. The expert artisans, leveraging centuries-old woodworking techniques, meticulously bring each piano back to life.

The journey to restore a piano is a labor of love that spans six months, ensuring that each Steinway meets the exacting standards of today’s concert stages, rivaling the performance of a brand-new Steinway Grand Piano.

Our collection is curated with every pianist in mind - from the concert virtuoso to the budding enthusiast, from the discerning collector to those who simply revel in the splendor of exquisite craftsmanship. A Meyer Renovation masterpiece is not just a grand piano; it's a gateway to unparalleled musical expression.

We invite you to explore our current collection and discover what makes our pianos truly special. Contact us through the Live Chat button or give us a call to learn more and explore our exquisite selection of grand pianos.

     Come see our selection of quality pianos!

Peter C. @San Diego

“Overall A+ service and great prices. I would highly recommend you call, message, or visit the store if you are looking for a great used piano or if you simply want to watch him play the piano!

Peggy L. @San Diego

“Great service!! I recently sold a piano to the Piano Outlet. The owner is a very kind, service oriented and fair business person. He really knows the piano business and will take great care of you - I highly recommend!!”

Spencer P. @Escondido

“He had a great selection of rebuilt Steinway. Nice guy. Very professional. Check him out if you are in the market.”

Financing Available 

We offer 12 months at 0% 

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