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Steinway Model M (5' 7") Grand Piano

Steinway Model M (5' 7") Grand Piano

The restored Steinway & Sons Grand Pianos by Meyer Renovation, located in Kalisz, Poland, are one-of-a-kind works of art that beautifully celebrate the marriage of past and present, art and music, sight and sound. Each of our pianos is faithfully restored by our craftsmen based on centuries of woodworking technique.


From start to finish, it takes half a year to complete a piano renovation, as a result, Meyer Renovation of course brings the Steinways up to contemporary playing standard that is completely comparable to a brand new Steinway Grand Piano.


Whether you are a concert pianist or a beginner, a serious collector or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of incredible craftsmanship, musical masterpiece from Meyer Renovation is the perfect Grand piano for you.


Take a moment to browse our collection and inventory, see what we can offer and simply Live Chat with us or give us a call.


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