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Yamaha C3 (6' 1") Grand Piano

Yamaha C3 (6' 1") Grand Piano

Introducing the Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, an iconic masterpiece that stands as a testament to Yamaha's rich legacy in piano craftsmanship. The C3 model embodies the pinnacle of musical excellence, making it a highly coveted instrument among pianists. It is not merely an instrument; it is a piece of history, representing a commitment to quality and sound that surpasses ordinary expectations.


Distinguished from other models like the GB1K, GA, or GH series, the Yamaha C3 emerges as a choice par excellence for those seeking unparalleled musical expression. Inspired by a tradition of excellence, Yamaha embarked on a journey in the late 1960s to study the revered Steinway pianos closely. This endeavor led to the creation of the C series, with the C3 model hailed as one of Yamaha's most successful achievements, meticulously crafted to offer a sonic experience that, in many respects, rivals and even surpasses that of some Steinway models in terms of quality and sound production.


Our curated collection focuses exclusively on Yamaha C series pianos from the 1990s, a period marked by Japan's economic surge, where Yamaha's dedication to excellence knew no bounds. During this era, Yamaha's philosophy was simple: build without compromise. This commitment to quality during the economic bubble era ensured that each piano was crafted with the utmost attention to detail, resulting in instruments of exceptional quality and enduring value.


Choose the Yamaha C3 for an instrument that not only provides an exquisite musical experience but also embodies a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to excellence.

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