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Yamaha C5 (6' 7") Grand Piano

Yamaha C5 (6' 7") Grand Piano

The Yamaha C5 Grand Piano, a paragon of Yamaha's illustrious craftsmanship, represents the pinnacle of performance and elegance. Designed for those who demand the finest in sound and playability, the C5 model, part of Yamaha's celebrated C series, offers an unparalleled musical experience.


Stretching to a majestic length of 6'7", the Yamaha C5 provides a powerful, expansive sound that captures the nuances of every note. Its larger size allows for longer strings and a larger soundboard, which together produce a rich, resonant tone that is both deep and clear. This instrument is engineered for exceptional dynamic range and expressive control, enabling pianists to explore the full spectrum of musical expression.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Yamaha C5 Grand Piano is renowned for its precise action and balanced keyboard, ensuring a responsive and comfortable touch. This makes it an ideal choice for both rigorous practice sessions and grand performances, catering to the needs of professional musicians and institutions.


The C5's elegant design and aesthetic appeal make it a stunning addition to any space, from concert halls to private studios. It embodies Yamaha's dedication to combining traditional piano building with innovative technology, ensuring that each piano not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the most discerning pianists.


Whether you are performing a complex classical piece, composing new music, or simply enjoying the beauty of piano playing, the Yamaha C5 Grand Piano offers a transcendent musical experience, promising to inspire and delight for generations to come.

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