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This YAMAHA UX50WnC was manufactured in 1990 in Japan and was the highest quality model back then which has the X-shaped supporting woods at the back of the piano.   Because of the high quality of the material used for this piano, the tone is dynamic, musical and singing.  The condition of the interior is very beautiful and restored as though it is brand new.  Solid wood Yamaha is very rare in the market, as well.   The exterior of this piano is very elegant and is equipped with cabriole legs.  The warm walnut color would easily go well with any room.    


こちらのヤマハ UX50WnCアップライトピアノは1990年に日本で製造された当時の最高級モデルで、木のみで製造されているヤマハピアノは市場で見かけるのは珍しいです。ピアノの背面にはX型の支柱が施されており、使われている部品の質の高さのお陰で音色も大変豊かで音楽性に富んだ素晴らしいピアノです。内装も大変良い状態で保たれており、新品同様の修復に仕上がっております。



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